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Dot Hill
  • Storage with real-time tiering
  • Built in replication
  • Snapshot & volume copy
  • Automated RAID management
  • Thin provisioning
  • Simplified administration

Dot Hill AssuredSAN PRO 5000 Series Storage Tiering in "Real time"

The AssuredSAN PRO Series uses up to three available storage tiers - high performance SSD, SAS and archive Nearline SAS tiers - to dynamically organise data according to data access patterns. This way you get the best performance for workloads RIGHT NOW at the most advantageous price.

  • Improve data responsiveness
  • Remove provisioning & allocation guesswork
  • Simplify storage management & expansion

Always the best performance

No matter where the load is With Dot Hill's RealStor you can be assured of the best data responsiveness at all times. The platform dynamically monitors current data usage to pinpoint data hotspots which are moved in real time to the most appropriate storage tier for maximum responsiveness

AssuredSAN Pro 5000 series delivers up to 100,000 random read and 32,000 random write I/Os per second. Even with an easily-achievable hit rate of 70% this represents a three times improvement in performance for applications.

AssuredSAN Pro Data Sheet

Minimal admin effort... Minimal training

The AssuredSAN Pro Series is designed to be simple to deploy, monitor and manage through its web user interface.

RealPool Automatic Pooling

The system automatically creates pools of storage, eliminating the need to specify RAID level and assign storage to pools.

RealThin Provisioning

With comprehensive reporting IT managers can easily identify where storage needs to be added. Additional capacity can be provisioned without disruption.

Built in data protection software

Disaster recovery protection and business continuity with support for 1024 snapshots per storage array are all built in. With two AssuredSAN arrays you can easily deploy an affordable disaster recovery or centralised backup solution.


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About Us

How it works

Dot Hill's RealTier™ technology is a next-generation auto-tiering solution that addresses the two key problems with other tiering solutions. These are that existing systems require some manual intervention to move data to and from the fastest tier; and that the data migration has to be infrequent – often daily – in order to keep it manageable and to minimise application disruption.

RealTier both automates data migration and provides this service in real time. The algorithms used constantly monitor I/O usage and dynamically move "Hot Data" to the fastest tier to maximise IOPS for live applications at any given time.

Three Processes

Three processes are used to automate the process:

  • Scoring maintains a ranking on data, adding less than one microsecond overhead. The algorithm assesses both recency and frequency of data access.
  • Scanning is used to identify high scoring data pages. This process occurs every 5 seconds and uses less than 1% CPU. High scoring pages become candidates for the highest performing tier.
  • Sorting is the process that moves data to and from the highest tier. Less than 80MB of data are moved during any 5 second sort to minimise overall system performance.

Thin Provisioning

RealThin™ provides IT managers with the tools to avoid high up-front costs. The technology enables administrators to dedicate available storage space to volumes only when they need it, rather than provisioning the estimated amount for the longer term.

In this kind of environment it is important to know when volumes are close to running out of available space. RealThin offers alerts to warn administrators of this situation, enabling them to provision additional storage without affecting applications at all.

Administrator Processes

With Dot Hill's RealPool™ technology administrators are freed from the error-prone and time consuming tasks of creating storage pools and low-level configuration details.

RealPool automatically creates all storage pools, eliminating the difficulties with RAID levels, chunk sizes, vdisks, etc.

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