HP Converged Storage

  • Complete protected storage solution
  • Backup, protection & archiving
  • Non-distuptive scale-out
  • Single technology storage solution
  • Single admin for all aspects


HP Converged Storage delivers a single architectural approach to meet all storage needs, no matter what the size of the organisation is.

The solution provides scale-out block, file, and object data services as well as converged backup, retention, and archiving platforms that are built around a common design centre with shared technologies. This innovation helps you respond to unpredictable demands while eliminating the inefficiencies that make today's solutions difficult to scale and costly to manage.

ROI3– Return on Information, Infrastructure and Individuals

HP offers not only a return on investment, but with HP Converged Storage the organisation can experience wider benefits. Where applications and therefore business functions can be made faster and more efficient, organisations can gain competitive advantage through faster analytics and response time.



Great For

HP Converged Storage is a single solution to your data infrastructure needs. With single vendor source and support for hardware, software, management and networking, combined with guaranteed interoperability between storage system modules, this represents a straight-forward way of providing a reliable storage infrastructure in to the future.

The solution delivers non-disruptive federated scale-out which means that you can scale up your storage infrastructure as your organisation grows. The solution helps you to increase the value of information within the business, giving fast and flexible access which delivers the ability to perform more complex, "big data" queries.

With a single administration interface that includes data migration, thin provisioning, backup and self monitoring, management of HP Converged Storage is confined to pro-active storage changes rather than day to day monitoring.


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