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Dot Hill

Benefits of Storage Tiering with the AssuredSAN Pro 5000 Series

Automated Tiered Storage solutions promise faster data access, less application contention, and the ability to meet SLA's. The AssuredSAN™ Pro 5000 with RealStor™ optimises data placement using tiering algorithms and SSD's.

Ultra48 Quick Hardware Demo

Showing the Ultra48's 3 drawers which hold 48 HDD or SSD drives, as well as the transceiver connections for Fibre Channel or iSCSI.

Assured SAN Pro 5000 UI Demo

The AssuredSAN Pro 5000 experience is akin to a traditional desktop-based application. By leveraging the built-in automation capabilities that are inherent in the product, the user interface reduces much of the complexity and manual intervention inherent to managing storage.

Storage Virtualisation and Real Time Tiering with RealStor

Learn about Dot Hill's real time tiering solution embedded into the Pro 5000 product.

HP Nimble Storage

Nimble Storage Overview Whiteboard

Nimble Storage VP of Engineering and Co-Founder Varun Mehta walks you through a whiteboard presentation of Nimble's core technology.

Nimble Storage Solution for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Mike McLaughlin whiteboards the Nimble Storage solution for virtual desktop deployment, exploring the different infrastructure design considerations and storage attributes that enable scaling to 1000s of users.

Cisco, Nimble Storage, and VMware Reference Architecture for 1,000 Seat VDI Deployment

Mike McLaughlin (Technical marketing) whiteboards the joint Cisco UCS, Nimble Storage CS-Series and VMware View solution for a 1,000 seat virtual desktop deployment.

Nimble Storage Is Transforming the IT Industry

What makes Nimble Storage unique? Watch this whiteboard video and learn how Nimble is leveraging its industry-leading CASL™ hybrid storage architecture and breakthrough InfoSight™ storage lifecycle management solution to transform the IT industry.

SmartStack for VDI with Cisco and Citrix Whiteboard

Mike McLaughlin whiteboards the joint reference architecture for a 1,500 seat virtual desktop deployment.


Instant VM Recovery with Unitrends Backup

With Unitrends Backup you can power on and access your backed up VMs right from the backup data store without waiting for a standard restore to complete.

Replication with Unitrends Backup for VMware vSphere

How to configure replication with the Unitrends Replication Wizard.

Application Aware Backups with Unitrends VMware Certified Application Recovery

A short video that shows the certified recovery of applications, business continuity, disaster recovery, and SLA compliance.


Veeam Backup & Replication

Watch this demo of Veeam Backup & Replication™ to learn more about its key backup, recovery and replication capabilities. Learn how breakthrough technology can recover a failed VM from a backup file in as little as 2 minutes