• Backup for virtual infrastructures
  • VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V,
    physical + virtual, cloud
  • Automate full site recovery
  • Recover file, folder, object
  • Immediate VM recovery
  • Automated recovery testing
  • Certifies RTO & RPO SLAs
  • Dramatically lower costs


Unitrends Certified Recovery Suite provides data recovery capabilities, enabling the backup and effective recovery of all kinds of data for all kinds of situation with speed and accuracy.

  • Recover files, folders or objects
  • Application aware system
  • Immediate virtual machine (VM) recovery
  • Automate full site recovery

With constant verification that recovery can occur as expected, the system delivers the peace of mind that should a failure occur, the recovery mechanism will succeed in the required time-frame.

  • Improve data responsiveness
  • Remove provisioning & allocation guesswork
  • Simplify storage management & expansion

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Unitrends Enterprise Backup software is available as a virtual appliance for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere. But unlike many competitive solutions, Unitrends Enterprise Backup protects your virtual and physical infrastructure, and extends that coverage from on-premise to second site or cloud environments.

Unitrends CloudHook is recommended for small businesses, and for larger businesses who want to archive a smaller subset of their data to third-party public cloud storage. Unitrends CloudHook lets you choose the cloud backup and archiving storage option that's best for you. Select from popular public cloud storage options like Google, Amazon, and Rackspace.

Unitrends ReliableDR disaster recovery assurance is a system that guarantees disaster recovery for your applications, business services and full sites. ReliableDR™ extends the protection from Unitrends Backup to assure disaster recovery - typically through a secondary DR site. ReliableDR adds recovery, DR testing and disaster recovery orchestration to Unitrends's VM and file recovery capabilities to assure recovery across the entire recovery continuum.

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Unitrends guarantees that backups will successfully recover in the event of their use. Constant verification of backups means that data recovery can be assured.

The product also automates manual recovery processes so that administration time is significantly reduced. Data recovery is therefore managed in the least possible time, minimising business disruption.


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